BACKGROUND/TRAINING: I have always been an active go-getter since I could walk. What most people don't know about me my background in sports. always I grew up playing soccer, track and basketball competitively and was given the nickname "KT Kangaroo" at an early age for my power and strength. My athletic background mixed with my current dance training has helped me land jobs in commercials and with major fitness brands.  


Proactive X out

Carbon Trainer

Beach Body 21 Day Fix Extreme- Abs, Plyo, Yoga

Crash Bandicoot- Trainer

Copper fit Commercial

Befit Videos- Belly Blasters, HIIT

New Balance (in-house commercial)- fitness

Pop Sugar- Crop Top Abs

Yogi Mixer App- Yoga

Mackfit Core Slider Program



Free People Movement


Dick's Sporting Goods

Road Runner Sports

Carbon Trainer 

Adidas Women 2018

UFC Gyms

Sweet Sweat

Gym Shark App

Power Plate

Peloton Digital

Champion Athletics 2018/2019

Ogio Lifestyle

Mind Body App

Samsung Galaxy S8 

Asics Gel Heat Gel Cool campaign

F45 Training 



Repps Apparel

Shawne Merriman Lights Out

Pop Physique

Move Society